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Welcome to Life Changers. Each day we work hard to positively impact people’s lives. We do this through prayer, coaching, worship services, classes, leadership development, and other types of social and spiritual interactions. We pray that God engulfs you with His grace and mercy. We pray that you reach your full potential. Please know that whenever the devil has a plot, God has a plan. He wants to see you grow and develop. His desire is that you be blessing to others. We pray that everything you put your hands to do prospers. This is an exciting new season of your life. Make the most of it. Be sure to share with us your testimonies, and let us know how we can be a blessing to you. If you are in our area, we’d love to see you in our worship experience. If not, be sure to connect with our worship services and resources online.

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  • Its just something about name Jesus!!!! I enjoy my first visit and service it was right on time for me. God uses people to bring messages to us and deliver it and its up to us to grab hold of it or not!!!! Excited see what tomorrow brings as I will continue feed my soul.

    - Angela H.

    – Angela H.
  • I’ve been a member of this church since I was a teenager. I am now an adult and realized, this is the only church I want to attend! If you’re looking for a spiritual life change & growth, Life Changers Church is the place to be!

    - Stephanie W

    – Stephanie W
    Church Member
  • I truly enjoyed my visit my at Life Changers Church!

    - Cheryl H

    – Cheryl H


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